Pay-As-You-Go / Adult Classes

(from 18th May 2021)

These are aimed at the busy student, whether at college, in the workplace, or a parent at home. For a map showing the venue, click on the venue name shown immediately below.

Farthing Hall: rear of Christchurch, 164 New London Road, CM2 0AW (parking in lower car park only)
CYGAMS HQ: Meteor Way, off Waterhouse Lane, CM1 2RL

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For details of classes for other age groups please select here:

CYGAMS HQ ZBA5 7.30pm - 8.30pm Adult Ballet - Elementary
ZBA6 8.30pm - 9.45pm Adult Ballet - Advanced
To be confirmed          
  ZCC4   -   Adult Tap
ZCC5   -   Pilates


Payment may be made at the class, per week. Books of ten tickets, valid for two terms, may be purchased at class for cash or cheque, or via the School shop. They can also be purchased at class with a credit/debit card during the first two weeks of each term.
45 minute classes £6.00 per class OR £48.00 per book
60 minute classes £7.50 per class OR £60.00 per book
75 minute classes £9.00 per class OR £72.00 per book

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