Joanne Libby

Cecchetti Classical Ballet, Modern Theatre, Tap, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Commercial Jazz

Joanne holds her major examinations in Ballet and her DDI dance teaching qualification in Modern and Tap. She trained in Musical Theatre at the Arts Educational Schools and has worked professionally as a performer for over 15 years. Her career has included several UK and European tours as lead singer with West End theatre show AbbaMania, which included performing with Tom Jones and Meatloaf and many TV and Radio appearances, most notably a live television performance filmed inside the Moulin Rouge in Paris. During her last year with AbbaMania she held the role of dance captain. She has been lead singer and dancer in a resident Cabaret show in Spain where she lived for 3 years. She has worked as a lead singer in function bands, and girl groups and also been involved in original music projects. During her time in Spain she co-produced, choreographed and performed in a fully live Abba show which toured theatres around Spain.

Joanne is still performing but is also dedicated to her career as a teacher and is currently working to extend her teaching qualification in Modern and Tap.