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Tapathon - Particpation in World Record Attempt

Tapathon 2018 - 18th November

The team met at Widford Village Hall on Sunday 18th November. While some learned the routine from scratch, others had a refresher, they were then handed their T-shirts, posed for photographs (some less serious than others) and then we were all waiting for the cue to start. SMS messages arrived for a 15-minute warning and 5-minute warning. It was a strange feeling to know that in those last few minutes, in village halls and dance studios throughout the length and breadth of the country, teams were waiting for the same signal. Then, at 1.00pm, we received the cue to start. Nearly 10 minutes later it was all over. It took some time for the evidence to be collected (photographs showing those waiting to take part, independent witness statements at each venue, videos of each venue's routine) before we knew whether the record had been achieved - unfortunately not but the organisers fell short by 102 dancers. However we do know that this National Tap Dancing Event did raise money for BBC Children in Need as every participant purchased a T-shirt from the organiser's, a significiant portion of the cost of which went to the appeal.

Congratulations everyone on your sterling effort at the Tapathon. Particular thanks to Miss Ruth for putting you through your paces (glad to see you're all exhausted) and Sharon for the cakes.

Tapathon 2019

The School is taking a break from the Tapathon this year.